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    What You Need to Know About Dietary Supplements?

    Last updated 6 months ago

    There is a long list of dietary supplements that are available through pharmacies, supermarkets, and online retailers. While some of these supplements may be highly beneficial for some people, others could actually pose significant risks for patients.

    This video discusses some of the primary concerns when it comes to dietary supplements, along with the ways that you can stay safe using various supplements. The best strategy is to ask your doctor before taking any supplement—even if it is just a vitamin or natural herbal blend. Supplements can interact with certain medications, so you will always want to check before you mix them.

    For help deciding which dietary supplements may be right for you, call Sunrise Hospital’s Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5300. We can provide answers to your health questions and help you connect with physicians at our hospital for specialized care

    What Can Be Done to Relieve Chronic Allergy Symptoms?

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Seasonal allergies are simply an annoyance for most people, but for others they can pose chronic sinus inflammation and disruptive symptoms that can hinder daily activities. If over-the-counter medications have not provided sufficient relief from your allergies, you might be looking for a more long-term solution.

    There are a few clinical treatments for chronic allergies that might offer an answer when inflammation and sinus irritation are an ongoing problem. An allergy test and allergy shots can help you find relief from specific allergens and know what to avoid when it comes to certain airborne triggers. For more widespread relief, many patients turn to balloon sinuplasty, which is a minimally invasive procedure that can open the sinus passages for easier breathing.

    If you are suffering from chronic inflammation related to allergies, you can explore your candidacy for the balloon sinuplasty procedure at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. You can get to know us on our website or call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (702) 233-5300 for a physician referral. 

    What Is the Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

    Last updated 6 months ago

    When it comes to diabetes, there are three forms of the disease that are typically discussed: Type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes affects women during pregnancy and will typically resolve once the baby is born, but type 1 and type 2 diabetes can affect anyone at any age. This article will take a look at these two types of the disease to offer some insight on how to cope with a diabetes diagnosis and avoid the serious complications these conditions have in common.


    Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body no longer produces enough insulin, a hormone that helps the body digest food and convert sugar to energy. Type 2 diabetes is related to insulin as well, but it takes place when the body builds up a resistance to this hormone. Each condition may be related to heredity, but type 2 diabetes also has a number of lifestyle risk factors such as obesity and inactivity. The causes for type 1 diabetes are less clear.

    Age of Development

    Type 1 and type 2 diabetes used to be referred to as adult-onset and juvenile diabetes, though these names are not accurate in terms of when each disease may develop. While type 1 diabetes is more common in children and type 2 is more common in middle-aged and older adults, each disease can actually develop at any time. In fact, with a growing trend of childhood obesity, more and more children and teens are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.


    The potential complications of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are very similar. However, each disease requires a distinct treatment plan to avoid these health risks. With type 1 diabetes, patients may have to inject insulin and take oral medications to help the pancreas function. Patients with type 2 diabetes often have a more holistic care approach, which includes healthy food choices, monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol, and boosting physical activity. If these treatments are ineffective on their own, diabetes medications may be used for type 2 diabetes as well.

    At Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, you can find the right care for your diabetes with free diabetes education programs open to the community. Call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5300 to reserve your spot in an upcoming class with us. 

    Get the Facts about Alzheimer's Disease

    Last updated 6 months ago

    The numbers on Alzheimer’s disease vary, but it is estimated that this disease affects as many as 5.1 million Americans. That figure is only continuing to grow, as elderly adults are the highest risk group for Alzheimer’s and the fastest growing section of the population in the United States. This article will walk through some of the essential facts related to Alzheimer’s disease to help you understand the importance of Alzheimer’s awareness and research.

    Definitive Diagnoses Are Only Made Post-Mortem

    To diagnose Alzheimer’s, doctors will rule out other causes of dementia and use brain imaging to explore possible damage in the brain indicating the disease. However, a definitive diagnosis can only be made after an autopsy with more thorough examination of the brain tissue.

    Alzheimer’s May Be Preventable

    There are some lifestyle factors that appear to be linked with Alzheimer’s, which means that there is hope in prevention. Still, physicians are still not sure when or how Alzheimer’s begins, so there is no guaranteed method for preventing the disease. The most effective measures so far seem to be maintaining physical fitness, social activity, and engagement in activities that challenge the mind.

    Symptoms Are Progressive

    It is important to remember that Alzheimer’s disease is irreversible and progressive, because there is not yet a known cure. This means that an early diagnosis may be the best way to preserve brain function and allow more time for patients to spend with family and friends.

    Alzheimer’s Is the Leading Cause of Dementia

    Supporting Alzheimer’s research is important for everyone, because this disease is the leading cause of dementia in the United States. Therefore, it is likely that you or someone you know will suffer the devastating form of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

    Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas has brought some of the most sophisticated neurological care to the Southwest region through the Nevada Neurosciences Institute, which is the only dedicated neurosciences center in the area. Connect with NNI online or at (702) 233-5300 to learn more of the important facts about Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases that can arise through the aging process. 

    Healthy Living Guidelines All Men Should Keep in Mind

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Did you know that men in the United States have a life expectancy that is nearly 5 years lower than that of American women? During the month of November, or Movember, facts like this will be brought to light with awareness efforts that can help men boost their life expectancy and manage their health. Raising awareness is important for men, because 12.1% of men over 18 are in fair or poor health. There is no single reason for this trend, but there are some contributing factors including conditions specific to men such as prostate and testicular cancer, men’s tenancies toward risky behavior, and the pattern of putting off regular medical checkups. With the healthier habits below, all men can get their health in a better state for a longer, happier life.

    Visit the Doctor Even When You Aren’t Sick

    Women are more likely to visit the doctor for annual checkups, and they are also more willing to openly discuss their health during these visits. Annual checkups are just as important for men, as they can help monitor risk factors for conditions such as heart disease while offering a place for men to bring up any health issues outside of normal screenings.

    Avoid the Steak and Potatoes Diet

    If your diet is lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables, you might shift away from meat and potatoes with some lighter but still delicious options. Try eating fish and poultry instead of red meat, and consider going vegetarian for one or two days each week. Eating a wider range of healthy foods while focusing on finding the freshest choices possible will be integral to cancer prevention and weight management through every stage of life.

    Get Physically Active, but Know Your Limits

    The health benefits of exercise are no secret, but men are more likely to push their bodies too far and risk injuries while working out. If you abandon the macho attitude and respect your own physical limits as you exercise, you will stay on the path to better health without suffering potentially serious injuries that could keep you off your feet completely.

    Sunrise Hospital can give you some perspective on your health with heart checkups, cancer screenings, and a number of other services on our Las Vegas campus. You can get to know our services better by visiting our website or calling our healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5300. 

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