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    Healthy Living Guidelines All Men Should Keep in Mind

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Did you know that men in the United States have a life expectancy that is nearly 5 years lower than that of American women? During the month of November, or Movember, facts like this will be brought to light with awareness efforts that can help men boost their life expectancy and manage their health. Raising awareness is important for men, because 12.1% of men over 18 are in fair or poor health. There is no single reason for this trend, but there are some contributing factors including conditions specific to men such as prostate and testicular cancer, men’s tenancies toward risky behavior, and the pattern of putting off regular medical checkups. With the healthier habits below, all men can get their health in a better state for a longer, happier life.

    Visit the Doctor Even When You Aren’t Sick

    Women are more likely to visit the doctor for annual checkups, and they are also more willing to openly discuss their health during these visits. Annual checkups are just as important for men, as they can help monitor risk factors for conditions such as heart disease while offering a place for men to bring up any health issues outside of normal screenings.

    Avoid the Steak and Potatoes Diet

    If your diet is lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables, you might shift away from meat and potatoes with some lighter but still delicious options. Try eating fish and poultry instead of red meat, and consider going vegetarian for one or two days each week. Eating a wider range of healthy foods while focusing on finding the freshest choices possible will be integral to cancer prevention and weight management through every stage of life.

    Get Physically Active, but Know Your Limits

    The health benefits of exercise are no secret, but men are more likely to push their bodies too far and risk injuries while working out. If you abandon the macho attitude and respect your own physical limits as you exercise, you will stay on the path to better health without suffering potentially serious injuries that could keep you off your feet completely.

    Sunrise Hospital can give you some perspective on your health with heart checkups, cancer screenings, and a number of other services on our Las Vegas campus. You can get to know our services better by visiting our website or calling our healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5300. 

    How to Cut Down Your Child's Sodium Intake

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Nine out of every 10 kids in the United States are consuming more sodium than they should. Evidence of this unhealthy habit is being seen in pediatrician offices around the country, with one in six kids having raised blood pressure levels—an early indicator of high blood pressure in the future. The good news for parents is that cutting your child’s sodium intake is easier than you might think.

    Watch this video for tips for controlling how much salt your child consumes. Forget removing the salt shaker from the table: most kids are getting their sodium from too many processed foods and restaurant meals. Buy low sodium foods and help kids make smart choices in restaurants to reduce salt consumption.

    At Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, our physician referral service can help you find a Las Vegas pediatrician to manage your child’s healthy diet. Call our hospital now at (702) 233-5300 for more information. 

    New Research in Lung Cancer Treatment

    Last updated 6 months ago

    For most cancer patients, the real danger isn’t the original tumor but the risk of their primary cancer metastasizing. When cancer spreads beyond the primary site, it becomes more difficult to treat. Now, promising new research in lung cancer treatment is bringing oncologists closer to controlling the spread of some kinds of cancer.

    Watch this video to learn about a gene researchers have uncovered that appears to be linked to the metastasis of lung cancer, melanoma, and cervical cancer. By isolating this gene and researching how it may encourage cancer to spread, doctors may be able to develop techniques to contain cancer at its original site, making it easier to treat.

    Cutting-edge cancer care is available in the Adult Oncology Care department at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center. Our full-service Las Vegas hospital also offers emergency care, a heart hospital, and more. For additional information, call (702) 233-5300.

    Which Health Problems May Be Caused by Depression?

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Most people think of depression as a mental health disorder, but in reality, it has far-reaching implications for physical health as well. People with depression often suffer physical symptoms, including pain and fatigue, but in addition to these complaints, depression is also linked to some types of chronic health issues.

    The reason depression affects physical health is because it causes irregular stress responses that increase inflammation and the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood. Increased levels of cortisol can weaken bones, increase blood sugar levels, and make you more vulnerable to heart disease. Depression also is linked with an increase in cytokines, immune system chemicals that interfere with the body’s response to cancerous cells.

    For people living with depression, it’s important to work with your doctor to manage all parts of the disease. At Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, we can provide a physician referral to a doctor who can help. You can get a referral and learn more about our Las Vegas hospital by calling (702) 233-5300. 

    Celebrating Healthy Lung Month in October

    Last updated 6 months ago

    October is Healthy Lung Month, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on your lung health. October was chosen as the time to promote lung health awareness for a simple reason: many people suffer respiratory illnesses at this time of year. Allergens soar during the fall, triggering wheezing and asthma problems in many people.

    Although you can’t change the allergens that peak in the fall, such as mold, you can do your best to control your exposure and manage your symptoms. If you have asthma, talk to your doctor about your current treatment plan to make sure it is still the best one for you. If you smoke, ask your physician for help quitting. Giving up tobacco products is the best step you can take for the health of your lungs.

    Do you need help keeping your lungs in good shape? Let Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center help with a physician referral and see us for emergency care for urgent respiratory care needs. You can learn more about our Las Vegas hospital by calling (702) 233-5300. 

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